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Sorry For Your loss

I'm sorry for you loss mann.. u liked her alot didn't you?

Viva_Life pls stop.. Disbelief in cause of death is very rude to those who have actually lost someone in this situation.. I chose to believe what the movie told me... it told me she was happy, playfull and not likely to want to submit to taking her own life..


yes and no

lots and lots and LOTS AND LOTS!!!! and LOTSSSS!!!!!!! oh islam ppl are really really irrationell in this matter.. but i want to point out that alot of the danish islam workers in denmark maybe dont like the comics BUT the even dislike the way others has reacted...

i agreed with everything u said.. except using the word muslims...


this was outstanding...
enjoyable, cool, touching, very detailed (/me is running out of words)
total OMG-POWAGE to most other flashes on NG, and it wasn't just fights...


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This game sucks balls. Far too many playthroughs needed. This game is not nearly comparable to the two awesome frantic bullet storm games. More specificly, It's the mix between steady camera and following camera in combination with the very VERY small view, making it almost impossible to avoid damage. Luck > Skill.

The fact that you can buy stuff in the game tops it all by making it a vomiting attempt at making a money machine. I really hope some of the positiv reviewers would reconsider.

Generally good

I liked the game in general... but some things that anoyed me.. in 3rd go i had figured all the controls out and i won with 15 opponents.. could have been alot harder.. fighting 1 is just about pointless.. far too easy..

very good... but.

very good indeed... i like driving around just doing the killing spree X-D

but... id really like the wheels to turn back pointing forward when i slip either the left or right button, i end up turning around just outside the map where i can see ne thing =/ ... else it was grate... find some heavy metal and bring it on while driving around smashing small men and the theme will be perfect...

I'm as dark as if there was light everywhere... You just need to know where to find me... and it's obiviously not in the light... well... obivious is obivious!

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